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Sebastian has the unique ability to make any event magical. Whether he is entertaining your guests with close-up magic or performing a complete evening show, your guests will have an amazing experience and will never forget your event. Sebastian blends intimate miracles, comic charm and contact mind reading into a unique magical experience that will leave your guests amazed and amused.

Objects will appear, disappear, transform, and float. Live and before your very eyes,  witness the impossible as if you were watching movie special effects. Your guests will not believe what they see and will never forget your event. 


Can this man actually read my thoughts?
Is this for real? Is there some "trick"?
This will be for you to decide, however, the results are always the same - unbelievable reactions!
Sebastian combines the arts of magic, misdirection, suggestion, intuition, psychology, and mentalism to read your guests' thoughts.

Always tasteful and always amazing, this is a once-in-a lifetime chance for your guests to experience what they have only seen on television and in the movies. It must be experienced to be believed; a rare and astounding ability. Sebastian can even teach your guests how to tap in to the unused powers of their own minds so they can accomplish some of these amazing feats.


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