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After-Dinner Performances

Sebastian offers a 45-minute stage act for larger audiences, full of energy, sharp humor and audience-participation. It is elegant, amusing and unique. Sebastian never fails to bring the house down with each show. Your guests will always remember their evening.

Parlor Performances

For smaller events and dinner parties, Sebastian can perform in such a way that the guests are able to experience his skills at close-quarters. In this setting he can offer a more relaxed, intimate and informal style of entertainment that is as profoundly fascinating as it is indulgently exclusive.

Close-Up Performances

In your guestís own hands and right before their very eyes miracles will occur. Sebastian will mingle with your guests performing arguably the most powerful magic - close-up and personal. These are experiences your guests will take home with them. Sebastianís repeat customers often praise the effect that this personal attention and entertainment has on even the most discerning clients and guests.

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